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Not fast enough

by nuch

Many of you, my dear closed friends, might know already that I’m taking a class for screenwriting.  Well, it might be pretty weird for someone who’s crazy in vfx and computer graphics to learn about writing stories, because our job is not much related to the storytelling, but focusing on visual telling.  Anyway, this is my decision.  I’m walking on my own path with my own mind.  Thanks to my dearest best friends who always understand me and keep supporting me.  I don’t fear to walk forward on my decided path.

First day of the class, I’ve got homework that I must do everyday. 
“Write 3 pages in my own language every morning right after waking up!”

The assignment is to write anything that comes out from your head.  This is to free your mind, allowing you to have a clear idea for the assigned story project. 
Well, 3 pages….  umm…  not many, not less to me.  It’s not hard to write for 3 pages.  There’s a lot going on in my head.  However, my only problem is…. I can’t write fast enough to catch up everything from my head.   I’m pretty confident that I write very fast, but I’m still not fast enough.  It’s even worse that once my thought rapidly flows out of my head, I have to write much faster.  As a result, my handwriting is so ugly that I can’t read my own word.  I tried typing instead of writing, it still doesn’t work.  It’ s much worse than writing, because when I mistype some parts, it’s hard to guess what the original word is.  Moreover, I can’t draw on the Word program. 

3-page-morning helps me a lot to release my stress.  I thought it’s a pretty good therapy for releasing your negative emotion.  It’s funny that even though I write about my experience, my life and my thought, I still come up with new characters with new plots for new stories.  Gosh… I’ve got many stories to write now.

Some instructors once told me that I’m not poor at storytelling at all.  Some told me that I’ve got a gift.  Some told me that I’d better write than draw or calculate.  I’m not sure if these’re just compliment.  Well, Many of my friends, relatives and cousins love my fictions as well.  
Do they love those because they were written by me or because they enjoyed the plot?  
I’m wondering if I’m able to write a good screenplay that can touch one’s heart.
My instrutor said…. “The real meaning of motion pictures is EMOTIONAL pictures.”
I totally agree with him.

Am I capable to create a real good emotional screenplay?

3 Responses to “Not fast enough”

  1. Noopook Says:

    In my point of view…YES, YOU ARE!!!!

    How can I be so sure? I don’t know.. Hmm.. maybe because I just known you as a blogist, nothing else, and it’s really interesting blog, I really enjoy reading it. (Ren, Little bear ของ zebracan blog)

    Umm.. to capture your thought at that speed, how about the recorder? so you may draw with your both free hands. Is that going to work with your style?

  2. nuch Says:

    Thanks for cheering me up.

    About your advice, it’s quite a good idea. I’m doing that with my journal. However, for this assignment I must do write only. Because it’s a writing class, the instructor expects us to write instead of drawing. I should be able to use wording to define everything in my head. ;-)

  3. Noopook Says:

    Oh.. You mean your assignment is “write down your thought” ,cannot be “record your thought first, then just write what is recorded” hmm.. that the tough one..

    “Thought” is the only thing that maybe faster than speed of light, and to really write down all of them in details…

    For other, this assignment is to “Think more and faster”,but for you, maybe it is to “Tame and Slow down your thought until your fastest writing can catch it”… Too bad, there should be other way so we can let our thought gone wild.. but it seems like not in this assignment.

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