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by nuch


Year 893 5th of Doe

The 4th. Day light. A shooting occured at West 56th street, a traveler (Age unknown) who entered the city 2 days ago shot a business man (age 55) causing severe wounds. Police deemed the traveler acted in self defense, and the traveler left the border that evening.
Police will discuss further enforcement regarding self defense and Persuader ownership.

The 4th, morning, around 11:29, on the West 56th street, a visiting traveler who entered the city 2 days before got into an argument with a male officer worker who wished to take a closer look at the traveler’s Motorad. When the offic worker tried to approach the traveler, the traveler suddenly shot him twice with a Persuader, hitting the man in the left shoulder and left leg. The wounded was rushed to the hospital by medics, from reports, would require a full month of rest to recover.
The traveler stayed for questioning by the police investigation, according to the traveler, the office worker was attempting to steal the Motorad and struck first, the traveler was reacting in self defense. The inspectors accepted the explanation and allowed the traveler to pass through the border the same evening.
The incident took place at the busy west gate and caused quite a commotion with onlookers, luckily no one was hurt by a stray bullet.
On regards to “self defense shooting”, there was a case 4 days earlier at South Section, where a young man attacked a policeman, his partner fired upon the young man without warning, and the young man died from 14 gunshots. The police force deemed the shooting as an act of self defense, but many who believe the case was an act of police abuse took to the street for demonstration. (See page 39 for details)

The peaceful street was disturbed by a loud gunshot, and followed by cries of panic. All this happened in broad daylight and in plain view of pedestrians.
At the scene, a man was found curled up on the pavement, his shoulder and leg bleeding profusely. A young woman was at his side providing medical assistance. Witnesses reported that there was a traveler with a drawn and smoking Persuader, the traveler did not act to aid the wounded man, but merely stood and stare at the scene coldly.
The man is a white collar worker in his 50s from the a leading medical equipment firm. On the day of incident, the man was in the area for business reasons. Before the shooting, he had just shared a meal with colleagues at a near by restaurant.
According to a statement from his colleagues, the man was in high spirit and in loud conversation, saw the parked Motorad by the street and said “that is a nice bike.”. The owner of the Motorad appeared shortly and demanded rudely that the man stay away from the Motorad. Although the man lightly rebuked the traveler for the rudeness, the traveler would hear nothing of it and continued to order the man away from the Motorad. When the man attempted to step closer to the traveler, he was suddenly shot twice by the traveler, without warning. He was wounded in the left shoulder and left leg, the pain caused him to collapse on the pavement.
He was sent to a hospital for operations, due to severity of his wound, he would take a month or more to completely recover. The shot to the leg was particularly dangerous, narrowly missing major arteries by a couple inches, the lead surgeon commented that “If the shot was any closer, it would have sent him into critical condition.” The news was too traumatic for the man and caused him to jumble up his memory of the incident.
A visiting family member also expressed disbelief at the incident, to quote “Why should such a thing happen?”. Later that evening, the family member learned that the police had marked the case as rightful self defense, and allowed the traveler to exit the border, this outraged the family member further into saying “He (the man) has done nothing wrong, and was shot, but the shooter was able to walk off scotch free! This is injustice!” The man’s attorney expressed, “We can’t let the police continue with their dictatorship.” They will be suing the police force regarding the investigation.


(Tony Megtanie – Retired South Section local court magistrate)
I believe that the traveler had chosen to fire the shot in an avoidable situation. It would not be hard to imagine that the traveler believes itself to be above the law and beyond retribution, for the fact that of being a foreigner. For shooting a citizen without provocation, this tells us that the traveler is a bloodthirsty fiend. It greatly disappoints me that the traveler wasn’t arrested and brought to a court of law. This is indeed a failure for the nation.

(Nihal Ruthbator – Chairman of Citizen’s Eye on the Police)
Lately there have been many cases where the police use justifiable self defense as an excuse in shooting incidents. Since the fatal shooting 4 days before, Persuader ownership and the definition of self defense have been a hot topic on everyone’s lips. Now with the latest shooting, I can’t help but think that this is too great a coincidence. Could it be that someone is manipulating the situation behind the scenes? The traveler probably was in no danger of being arrested in the first place. The traveler could be getting paid for his involvement this very moment just beyond the border!


Year 893 7th of Doe


(Betty Titanis – Female 28 Homemaker)
“Ouch! Ouch!”
Was my first response when I heard about the West side shooting on the radio. The one where the traveler badly wounded a man with a Persuader.
I also heard there was an uproar over the police’s decision regarding the shootings. But what troubles me is how could someone like that be allowed to enter our border? I demand that the immigration office take responsibility!
For us law abiding citizens, to own a Persuader requires a strict background check, especially for small firearms. Yet this traveler who openly displays a Persuader was allowed to enter the border. I was even more shocked to learn that the traveler was allowed to leave the border on the same day after the incident. It pains me to hear the situation of the hospitalized man.
When the news was open, I was returned to reality by my 5 year old boy. He was asking me with a serious face, “Where did it hurt, Mommy?” I hurriedly told my boy, “Mommy is ok now.” To think that my dear boy would be worried about me, it fills me with tears. As I hold him tightly, my heart is filled with rage for the callous traveler. To let someone so dangerous enter our country armed is a huge mistake! For the safety of my child, I hope immigration will impose stricter checks.

(Anne Alywaltz – Female 7 Schooling)
Something bad happened near my home: a man who was looking at a Motorad was shot by the owner, hurting the man’s shoulder and leg.
Why would the travel do that? What is the reason?
“He was trying to steal my bike” the traveler said. But I think the man just wanted to take a closer look at the beautiful Motorad. I think the man must be really hurt, his parents must be hurt too. Can’t the traveler feel their pain? I believe the traveler has a waiting Mommy and Daddy at home, too; what would the traveler feel if they were hurt?
Persuaders are bad things to use to hurt and kill people and animals. I wish they would disappear, then no one will get hurt again. Please throw away your gun, traveler.

(Elisa Blanc – Female 64 Home maker )
In regarding to the naming contest of the two month old forest panda, held by this paper a while back. I too have participated in the contest and eagerly awaits the result.
To conjure up the serene image of adorable pandas living peacefully in the lust green forest, I named the new born “Woods”. A simple name that children can easily pick up, yet still carries the majesty of the forest, I believe there can be no better name than this and was very confident with the contest result.
But my heart sunk when the results were announced.
Not only did my submission not make it in the consolation, the biggest shock was the winning name was “Woody”, a mere single character difference from mine. I would not have minded so such if they were both vastly different, but this result makes me doubt the decision of the panel of judges.
The winning name came from a 17 year old girl from North Section, a girl shallow in life’s experience could not have come up with a winning name.
I know that my suspicion seems mean, but I think the panel of judges took my submission and altered it slightly and pretended it was submitted by the pre-selected girl and announced her as the winner.
There have been previous cases of fixing between organizer and the judging party, it would be hard to warrant that such handy-panty did not happen this time too.
So, for future contest such as these, there should be a neutral third party audit overseeing the process much like the Anti-Corruption Agency for the government.


Year 893 5th of Doe

On the 4th, a traveler (age unknown) who entered the border 2 days earlier, shot a man at West 56th Street in broad daylight. The man (age 55) was reported to be fiddling with the traveler’s Motorad, after repeated warnings and returned with threats to the traveler. Police deemed the shooting as a case of legal self defense. The traveler left the country the same evening.

At around 11:29 morning on the 4th, on West 56th street, a traveler who entered the country for sight seeing found a man touching the Motorad belonging to the traveler, the man even attempted to mount the Motorad. The traveler issued several verbal warnings to the man, but he was too drunk to take heed and replied with threats. When the man grabed the traveler, the traveler was forced to shoot him with a Persuader (.223 automatic) twice. The man was hit in the right shoulder and right leg and rushed to the hospital with minor wounds, doctors reported that recovery would take no more than a week.
The traveler was questioned by officer at the scene, after collecting reports from witnesses, the police deemed the traveler acted in self defense and was released from custody and allowed to pass through the border that evening.
The man was under the influence of alcohol during the incident, and was unable to recall what happened after he was sent to the hospital. He was given a stern warning by the police.
Crime is on the rise in our nation, and it has become a serious concern. 4 days before in South Section there was a case of an escaped drug addict shot and critically wounded by the physician-in-charge, and later attempted to take an officer’s Persuader by force with a knife, other officers were forced to shoot the addict to avoid a catastrophe. (More detail in Social section)

Was the man using drunkenness as an excuse? Attempting to handle and operate the Motorad without permission and ignoring warning from it’s owner.
In yesterday’s incident, the man was clearly intoxicated and barely standing when he was shot by the traveler. He was participating in a company function in a nearby restaurant. According to restaurant staffs, they had been drinking alot and were being loud and inconvenient to other patrons. One of the staff who tried to calm them down received a face full of vulgarity.
After the man left the restaurant, the Motorad caught his attention and he immediately went to it, grabbing the handles and knocking on the gas tank. He was on the verge of hopping on to the Motorad when the traveler returned with newly bought fresh sandwiches.
The collection of witnesses reported that the traveler was being tactful with the encounter, but the man would have none of it, spouting phrases such as “You’re not the boss of me!”. “I once rode a bike like this, so this is mine!”, “Show your respect, youngster, and get lost!” and more unintelligent babble. The traveler continued to request that the man leave the Motorad several times in a clam cool voice, the man somehow took offense at the traveler’s tone, and he kicked the Motorad several times. He also repeatably threw curses and tried to grapple the traveler, this is when the traveler was forced to shoot him.
Even though the bullet hit him in the shoulder, the man continued to stagger toward the traveler, forcing another shot to the leg from the traveler to finally stop his rampage.
Examination reports from the hospital tell us that the Persuader used was of low caliber range, and would not be fatal as long as it did not hit the head or chest. From these wounds, it clearly shows that the traveler is a highly skilled Persuader user if he was able to avoid major arteries and bones.
The victim of this incident was released and left the country that evening, no charges were pressed against the man, thus no punishment was issued and his name not released.
But that was not the end of it, the rampaging of the drunken not only could cause trouble to travelers but it quite possibly harm any citizen.


(Ole Tucker – Retired Director of Ministry of National Defense)
The traveler acted to protect the safety of property and lives, a fully understandable act of self preservation. The man had been messing with the traveler’s property and chose to ignore repeated warning by the traveler. Witnesses to the incident point out that the man was shouting gibberish and was prepared to attack the traveler. Under no circumstance should violence be used as a solution, but I would like to applaud the experienced and cool headed officer for classifying this incident as legal self defense.

(Timothy Tenostor – Chairman of “Parents who lost children to Alcohol Abuse”)
“Lawless, shameful and childish” could be the words the traveler thinks of at the mention of this nation. If we were to further charge the traveler with criminal charge, that would truly be tragic. I wish to applaud our police force for their correct decision, for we always turn a blind eye to the drunk. Now is the time to face this growing social issue! Including the problem of underage drinking, intoxication needs to be enforced now before our children become the next victims, by then it will be too late.


Year 893 7th of Doe


(Elisa Blanc – Female 64 Home maker )
In regarding to the naming contest of the two month old forest panda, held by this paper a while back. I too had participated in the contest and eagerly awaits the result.
To conjure up the serene image of adorable pandas living peacefully in the lust green forest, I named the new born “Woods”. A simple name that children can easily pick up, yet still carries the majesty of the forest, I believe there can be no better name than this and was very confident with the contest result.
But my heart sunk when the result was announced.
Not only did my submission not make it in the consolation, the biggest shock was the winning name was “Woody”, a mere single character different from mine. I have participated in similar public contests before, this is the first to be so close to victory, making the defeat the most bitter.
But I will not give up, and will use this experience as a drive to perform better next time, even if my friends call me stubborn and out of league. (edit has been made. By Editor.)

(Norgen Heidini – Male 76 Unemployed)
The was a case of shooting on the 4th involving a man and a traveler, when I heard the man’s family attempted to sue the police force for their decision, it filled me with disgust.
The man was drunk in broad daylight, disturbing other’s property, ignoring warning from the owner and starting a fight with the owner. It boggles my mind that the man still thinks he is innocent and not in the wrong. I would very much like to see the people who raised this brute!
Some might think the traveler had murder in mind, but the traveler only shot him in the shoulder and leg after repeated warnings. As someone who has served 40 years in the police force at the front line against crime, if murder was the motive, the traveler would have aimed for the head or chest instead. If we were to frame the traveler as a criminal just because of the shooting, that would have been a grave mistake.
Can we afford to hide our head behind “Those who use greater, ie: Persuader, are the bad guys.”, making judgment without facts? Imagine you are caught in this situation, what would your action be? I hope everyone would cool their heads and not overreact over this incident.

(Anonymous – Female 30 Working)
The incident reminds me of something that happened to me before.
I was sexually harassed by a drunk when I was 15.
Although it was broad daylight, a red faced drunk in his 50s suddenly grabed me on the street. As I screamed in panic, the man continued to grope me. With his alcohol stinking breath, he cursed obscenities at me before staggering off laughing.
It was several hours later before my mother found me soaking by the street, she took me to the hospital and also reported it to the police.
The police brought the man shortly, and in my rage and shame, I vowed to bring him to justice. So I identified him as the culprit, but the man proclaimed loudly “I am the headmaster of a renowned high school, there is no way that I could have done this! If you continue this nonsense, I will sue you and your parents for slandering!”
Suffice to say, he was released due to lack of evidence. He left not before leaving more obscenities and threats , my father later found out that the man truly was as he said, a headmaster of a renowned high school and quite high up in the education ministry.
When he passed away several years later, rumors of his past started to surface. That he could not hold his liquor and had repeatably used obscenities in PTA meetings. I don’t wish to dig up filth of a dead man, since I have no proof that the incidents ever took place.
I just wish to express my admiration to the officer who decided to let the traveler go.

“——- but Hermes.”

Someone spoke in the middle of a desert.

She sat on a sea of pebbles that spread out in all directions, the sun was setting in the west, turning the earth and sky a bright orange.

She was about 15, with a mop of short black hair. Large eyes adored her taut face, and she wore a black jacket over her shoulder, a simple but thick belt around her waist, and a Persuader holster was strapped to her right thigh.

In her hand was a roll of newspapers she had been reading, around her were more scattered sheets of newspaper.

A Motorad was parked nearby.

A rifle-type Persuader was leaning against the Motorad, next to a large travel bag.

Hermes, the Motorad, happily chirped in. “A gun slinging traveler on a Motorad? That sounds just like you Kino! I bet anyone who has read the news would have gone ‘Oh! That’s Kino!’”

The girl named Kino, smiled sourly and said “You are being rude…. I would never open fire on a street like that.”

“Oh well, maybe.”

Hermes paused and asked.

“Why do you think the fellow opened fire?”

She stared at the dipping sun in the far horizon and answered honestly.

“I don’t know. I can’t make a sound conclusion from these reports. He might be a blood thirsty killer who liked to taunt his victim, or he could be a man of justice who only retaliates when forced. But he could also be neither.”

“Is that so…. but Kino, have you realized the most critical thing that is missing from all of this reporting?”

“Emm? What?”

Kino tilted her head to one side with a look of confusion. Hermes quickly solved the mystery himself.

“The Motorad’s side of the story of course! They never bothered to interview the biggest witness to the incident! And they call this unbiased reporting?!”

Hermes continue to fume, and slowly the orange sky was replaced by shades of purple and finally a starry night sky.

Kino removed a piece of rug from the baggages and layed it out on the ground, then put on her brown coat. She picked up the rifle that was leaning on Hermes, and checked its chamber to see whether it was loaded. After readjusting the scope on the Persuader, she lay it down next to the rug.

“Why do you carry THOSE newspapers by the way?”

Hermes suddenly thought of the question.

“The news is just a coincidence… as to why.”

Kino starts to remove single sheets of paper from the stack, and twisted them as if drying a towel, then lay them out in a sunburst formation.

“When there’s no firewood around, they become a useful replacement.”

The match was lit with a single stroke of her boot, Kino spoke as she lighted up the newspaper.

“No matter what is printed on them.”

Under the starry deep purple sky, the earth was pitch black.

Except for a tiny point of light.

From chapter 4 of “Kino’s Journey”
English translated by http://www.baka-tsuki.org/

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