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3 scenes 1 location.

by nuch

This is last 2 week homework from developing story class.   We learnt about the arc of character.  The assignment was to create a story with 3 scenes and 1 location.  The instructor gave as example as the following.

(Location bedroom)
Scene 1: Two people snuggled tightly in bed
Transition A: the sun sets
Scene 2: The same people at opposite ends of the bed, each doing something different
Transition B: it’s raining outside 
Scene 3: Only one person is in the bed

He explained that this shows the distancing of two people over time, and the transition is usually just one shot.

This assignment sounded fun to me though.

Here’s my creation :

Location : Under the Orange Jessamine tree. (A tree with small white flower with sweet smell.)
1. A boy and a girl are playing around the Orange Jessamine tree.  The tree is not big, but it’s a bit higher than a boy.  A boy is jumping to reach Jessamine flower on the lowest branch, then he gives the flower to a girl.
 (Transition :  Air fighters are flying over the sky.)
2. The Orange Jessamine tree is bigger and higher.  A young man in military cloth is raising his hand high in order to pick the flower.  He puts a flower on a young girl’s ear.  The girl looks so sad.
 (Transition :  A radio announces the war ended.)
3. A lady is standing under the big Orange Jessamine tree, watching at the sky.  She holds her hands together like praying for god.  A one-legged man in military cloth is walking with a crutch toward to her.  The wind blows.  The flowers fall.  One of them falls into the man’s hand.  The lady sees it.  Her tear comes out.  The man smile, and puts the flower on the lady’s ear.

I want to tell the story about a woman waiting for her man coming back from the war.  However, my best friends said I’m kinda cruel to let the man come back with handicapped leg.  Well, I think it’s common for the veteran to lost part of his body during the war.  Moreover, I want to say that the man had never lost his heart though he lost part of his body which means he was trying hard to survive and come back to see his love. ;-)

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