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Forgive me.

by nuch

The following is the homework which I just submitted a few hours ago.  The assignment is to create a full story with one condition which is the story needs to have a flashback scene.   Theoretically, flashback should not be used in movie.  It may create freezing moment in the storytelling.  Flashback is really useful to tell the character’s wound, and let the audience understand the character more, however, it needs to be used properly.

Well, this assignment is to create a FULL story, and write it down as a storyplan in bulletpoint format.  So… I write the story as if it is a movie, and how the story goes in playback order.

I’m sorry if this story is pretty long.  It takes time more than I thought to finish writing so I don’t have much time to proof read and fix the plot hole.  However, I intend to fix it and write it again in fiction or movie script format.  It would not happen in very soon.  I need to finish my thesis first, then I’ll be back to my story again. 

Here’s my story; Forgive me.

    – Kyle is an on-site civil engineer. He loves to travel around. He doesn’t like to stay at one place for a long time. He’s afraid of being bound.
    – Kyle gets a project to do a construction in suburban where he has never been. On his first day of moving in, he stops by a hardware store to buy some tool to fix his furniture. There he meets Vera, a web designer who is also a sale assistant. This store is belonged to Vera’s closed friend, Reese. Coincidentally, Reese’s dating with Kyle’s old friend, Jack, who is Kyle’s roommate when they were doing bachelor degree.
    – Vera notices Kyle’s name on credit card, and remember that he’s the author of the famous book for DIY home improvement. She’s now doing a website for Reese’s store, and needs some information for the tips& technique section. So she asks Kyle to help. Kyle hesitates, because he doesn’t sure about his schedule. However, he welcomes her to contact him any time when she has a question.
    – Kyle always chats with Vera online, because it’s quite convenient for both of them to transfer files and photos when they are in need. Sometimes the file transferring takes a long time, they just talk about something else like films, music, politics, and books.

    – Vera loves to read books. She adores many authors, but her favorite one is John Grisham. She asks Kyle if he does read one of Grisham’s. Kyle just answers, he’s a slow reader, and he doesn’t read much. Then Kyle changes the topic to be politics as usual.
    – Vera wonders why Kyle likes to talk to her about politics, but when she comes to talk about something personal, Kyle always goes quiet and talks about something else. She asks Jack about Kyle. Jack and Reese notice that Vera is quite interested in Kyle, and it seems she has a good chemistry with Kyle as well. Jack says, Kyle has a very strong opinion in politics which make him hard to talk about this with anyone. Jack is surprised that Kyle always talks about it with Vera. Moreover, it’s a real big surprised that Kyle can have a long chat with a woman everyday more than a month. Jack says, Kyle is like a person who always closes himself. He does have lots of friends from online community and real life, however, he rarely has closed one. Jack is considered to be Kyle’s closest friend. Jack is glad that Kyle chats with Vera, but Reese doesn’t think so. Vera always talks about Kyle’s closed personality which makes her feel that she might not know Kyle deeply.
    – One day Vera visit Kyle’s apartment with Jack and Reese for a surprise birthday for Kyle. She sees lots of Grisham’s books on the shelves. She asks Kyle if he also likes Grisham. Kyle just says the only fictions he read are by Grisham. Jack notices something wrong with his friend. When he first knew Kyle, he rarely saw Kyle read any book, and he knows Kyle doesn’t like to write. Though Jack tried hard to encourage him to write for the college journal which he was an editor, Kyle had never written one. However, there was once that Kyle looked so depressed, and later he kept reading Grisham, and a few years later Kyle wrote a book. Jack’s now wondering what’s between him and Grisham. He wants to ask Kyle, but there’s no good chance.
    – During the party, Vera has fainted which shocks Reese. Surprised to Kyle that Reese takes care of Vera too well, and Jack does that too. However, he just stays quiet.
    – One day Jack and Kyle go for drink at night. Jack asks Kyle about the Grisham’s books in his room, and why he started to write. Kyle just answers that he wants to fulfill his friend’s dream. Then Kyle thinks about his past when he was doing bachelor degree. Internet is quite new at that time. He enjoyed the online community and irc chat where he can share his opinion with people with the same interest. There he met Haru, a girl who can understand his strong political opinion. Though she sometimes didn’t agree with him, she always gave reasonable replies which he can accept that. Haru was younger than Kyle, and was about to apply to Kyle’s college. She asked Kyle many things for preparation for the college. When they talked about Politics, Haru always gave a situation from Grisham’s book as an example. Haru adored John Grisham, and wished she could be a writer like him, a writer who worked another job, and wrote as a hobby. She encouraged Kyle to read Grisham’s, but Kyle just said he couldn’t find any interesting book. Haru did type some short stories by Grisham and sent to Kyle. Kyle sometimes read, sometimes forgot. One day Haru told Kyle that she’s got acceptance to Kyle’s college. She was very happy, so was Kyle. However, the next day Haru wasn’t online. Kyle thought she might be busy with moving. A few days later, Kyle found a bad news on the online community that Haru was died in car accident. The one who informed the news was Haru’s friend which Kyle rarely chatted with, but recognize the name, because Haru always mentioned as her best friend. Kyle was really hurt. He has never thought he would feel this way when he got bound into someone. He quietly disappeared from that online community.
    – Jack asks Kyle who the one is after long quiet pause from Kyle. Kyle says she’s a girl he knew from the online community. She loved Grisham, and she died before she completed her dream. Jack asks if Kyle loves that girl. Kyle refuses. He just says, she was someone who he felt comfortable to talk with. Jack asks if Kyle is feeling the same way as with Vera. Kyle pauses for a while and says no.
    – Jack wants Kyle to get over his first girl on the net. He encourages Reese to match Kyle and Vera. Reese isn’t sure. She wants to check if Vera really likes Kyle. She does ask Vera her feeling for Kyle. Vera replies that she thinks of Kyle as not more than friend. However, Reese notices that Vera says a lie.
    – After the talk about Kyle’s past, Kyle is rarely online. Vera is worried if he’s sick. She calls Kyle, and finds he’s fine. Kyle just says he’s too busy to be online. Vera senses something strange so she talks to Reese. Reese tells Vera about Kyle’s past that she learns from Jack. Vera is shocked, and depressed. Reese tries to cheer her up. She says, Vera shouldn’t be worried too much. It’s about man’s attitude. Moreover, if Vera worries too much, it would affect her cardinal disorder. Vera can’t stop thinking about Kyle. She tries to stop talking about him, and stops being online as well. Her body gets weaker. Reese is so worried. She asks Vera again about her feeling for Kyle. Vera just says, it’s her fault for making Kyle like this. She deserves her Karma. Reese doesn’t understand what that means. She tries to ask more, but Vera collapses. Vera is taken to hospital. Reese learns that Vera once had a heart operation many years ago. At that time, the succeed of the operation was like a miracle, but it comes to its limit now. She needs to have an operation again.
    – While staying at the hospital, Vera thinks of many things. Kyle comes visit Vera once, but they don’t talk much. Reese notices that. When Reese visits her again, she reminds Vera that she once wanted to be a writer. She did a lot of good writings during the college and on her website. Reese says, she doesn’t know what Vera is trying to hide. She knows it isn’t good for Vera condition. She recommended Vera to write, make it as fiction, at least just for releasing her stress. Reese gives her a book and a pen. Vera nods and cries. She starts to write.
    – Once Vera finishes her writing, she gives it to Reese, and asks her if she can forgive a character in her book. Reese reads the books and cries. She clearly understands how Vera feel about Kyle. She asks Vera if she wants this fiction to be published. Vera replies, if it would heal someone’s wound, she would love to.
    – Though she knows Kyle’s past and feeling from Jack, she isn’t sure if Kyle really thinks of Vera like that. She goes talk to Kyle, and realizes that Kyle knew exactly how Vera thinks of him. But Kyle is afraid to be bound, especially with someone who can’t live long. He doesn’t want to feel the pain again. Reese is so sympathy to Vera. Now she understands why Vera says it’s her Karma. However, Reese tells Kyle that Vera wants to be a writer. She just finished her first fiction. Reese asks if he wants to read the draft. Kyle denies. He just says he’s a slow reader. Reese tells Kyle about Vera’s operation date. She asks Kyle at least please come visit her before the operation. She says, she knows Kyle hates to be related with someone, but would he regret if he doesn’t do something for someone when she’s alive?
    – Kyle visits Vera on the operation day. They don’t say anything but sorry.
    – The operation failed.
    – Reese wants to fulfill Vera’s dream. However, she doesn’t sure if she should publish the book. She talks to Kyle after the funeral. She says, she isn’t sure if she should publish Vera’s book. Vera’s fiction is about a girl who loved a man on the net. They both shared the same interest. However, the girl’s health was not good. She needed to have a risky operation. She thought she would never make it so she decided to say goodbye to her friends in the online forum by saying she died in a car accident. Fortunately, the operation was success, but it took a while for recover. When she was back to the net, that forum didn’t exist. She felt guilty for saying a lie and missed her best online friend. Reese asks Kyle if he wants to read the detail, she can give him the draft now. Kyle says no. He says, he will read the published one.

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