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live the life

by nuch

It’s been a while that I haven’t updated this category.  The above vdo clips is sent to me by Naenae.  Thank much for always sharing such a good story.

Some might already know that I don’t wanna live long.  I’m bored with life, however, this doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my life.  I’m just bored of the cycle, the pattern that has never ended.  I don’t think I see the world much or more than anyone, but I think I see enough.  I’ve been living long enough to taste many flavors of life.

Don’t you have any dream?

Yes, I do have many dreams I want to fulfill.  I’ve been trying many things to create and follow the path of my dream.  I succeeded some, but the outcome were not anything I expected.  Therefore, somtimes I’m wondering what the importance of dreaming is.
Maybe the importance of dreaming is not success, but pursuit.  During the journey of following my dream, I have many enjoyments.  But when I come near the finishing line, I feel lonely.  I’m abandoned with the question ; “What am I doing here?”.

When the lonely moment starts, the depression comes, and I’m wearing off…

I don’t wanna sink myself in blue, so I start my new dream, my new journey.  Eventually, when it’s about to reach the goal, the same feeling happens again.  The pattern keeps repeating and repeating, and I’m so sick of it.

Fortunately, my wish seems to be true, the wish of not living long.  Whether you believe it or not, I don’t wanna hear any argument about my short life.  Please remember that I’m happy with this thought of living short.   Though I don’t have the same opinion of living the life as others, that doesn’t mean I’m ill or not in normal mental status.  I just have a different attitude, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.

When people realize their reamaining time, they try to make every of their seconds value.   So do I.   I wanna live the rest of my life with something I won’t regret.

I don’t know if i can reach the goal before my time is over, but I don’t care much about that.  I just hope the path I create can support others, especially the ones I cares much, to fulfill what they wants.

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