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Make a case

by nuch

In the near future where robots are parts of human’s life, and cloning is about to be the new life-saving.

Ren, a genius physicist who researches wormhole theory, and is expected to be the one who create it for dream project : Time Traveling, is standing at balcony of the bell tower.  Ren has cardinal disorder, and need to have heart replacement operation.  Because her research means the future of human being, her community tries pushing her to accept the operation which will replace her heart by one from her cloning.  Ren is confused.  She has never agreed with the cloning technology, and has just learned that her cloning is secretly created.  Ren runs away from her hometown.  Later, her guardian robot, Vemillion, finds her at the church in countryside.

Here’s what Ren explains to Vermillion why she doesn’t want an operation:


    What is the meaning of life? People say; life is the period between birth and dead. Is that what it really is? When we create a robot, can we say robot is a life? When the robot stop moving, can we say it’s dead? People say robot is an imitation life, it’s not real life. The real life is something that is created by god. If that’s so, what about cloning. Life from cloning does not happen by god’s will. It’s by human’s creation. Can we say cloning is the imitation of life, the same as robot?
    When the robot is broken, we fix it by replacing the problem part with the new one. What about human? When human body is broken, we can just replace it with a cloned organ, the same method as the robot? For the robot, each spare part can be created separately, but cloning organ can’t be done like that. We have to create the whole body of ours for growing all human organs, but we don’t want it to have its own thought. Therefore, we get rid of the brain cell for creativity and perception. Then we say that cloning is not a life. I sympathize those who think robot and cloning are not valued lives. Though they are not created by god, but they share the lifetime with us. I don’t want..

Ren pauses for a while.  Vermillion just stands still waiting her to continue


    I fear, Vermillion. I’m afraid of being worthless. If human can replace any part of them when it’s disorder, I’m afraid that human will see the life the same as robot. We can freely use, freely spoil, or do anything without caring as much as before. With the attitude that it can be replaced at anytime, human would forget the warmth of taking care each other and the value of life. They would care each other less than before, and they might easily forget someone without any regret. I don’t want to be forgotten, Vermillion.


    Living longer is much better than living short, especially for your case. If you extend your living, you can live and creating miracle which will fulfill human’s dream. Moreover, you can be with someone you love longer.


    I know that. But it sounds selfish to me when thinking the cloning is a life. I’m about to take away its life for extending mine. I don’t want to be a murderer.


    What if they create your cloning with complete brain cell? According to the research, cloning is perfect duplication of one’s life. It can have the same thought, the same ability, and the same character as the original.


    That’s what I’m afraid of too. If I die, they just create another of me to do my work. And if another dies, they will create others and others. Right now they just give me choices, whether I want to live as myself, or I have another lived as myself. I want to be original without any imitation, but I don’t want to be selfish.


    It’s such a difficult decision, but you have to make it.

Ren closes her eyes, and pauses for a while.


    I know. I realize that.


Above is the homework for the class I took last semester for screenwriting.  The assignment is called “Make a case”.

What is “Make a case”?
“Make a case” is the scene that justify Past/ Present/ Future behavior of the character, and it also shows the moral point of view.

The assignment is to write a character speech for making a case.  It can be monologue or dialogue, but needed to focus on one main character.

If you can read Thai, and have been reading my blog for a while, you might notice that this is the continuity of the 327th degree.  However, I adapted the story by ignoring Kira role in order to focus on Ren’s attitude toward to cloning.  Anyway, the final 327th degree is written already, and about to be posted on the day of 64.11th degree.

Back to “Make a case” assignment. 
I’m kinda proud of it.  My instructor really likes my writing so much that he gives a good compliment to me. (“good” marking on my paper, and  a thump-up when he handed the paper back to me.)  The instructor’s assistant recommended me to create a completed script and film it.  Well, I wish I could have the potential to do that.  One thing I’m afraid of is I’m considering this writing as fan-fiction (Dojinshi).  I did explain about my idea inspired by Japanese manga, and it should be fan-fiction.  However, they don’t think so.  They said; it’s kinda a whole new story.  All I did is just to borrow the character name.  ….

Anyway… Let rest this idea for a while.   I still have many stories to tell.  I hope all of you may enjoy my stories.  :)

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