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Good Typography Is Hot

by nuch


Sherry’s Sculptural Fonts

A= aluminum foil
B=bubble protecting wrappers
C= glue-gun
D= pineapple….
E= marshmellow and toothpicks
F= paper towels
G=necklace beeds
h= gift wrapping papers
I= colored wires
J= tapes
k= metal wires
L= sticky notes!!
M= more marshmellows
N= ripped tape
O= plain
P= puzzles
Q= hole punched papers
R= colored wires and glue-gun
S= glue-gun
T=glue-gun and cushion
U=necklace beeds
V= pills!!!!
W= marshmellows..M flipped upside down
X= more glue-gun
y=more marshmellows
Z= more glun-gun >”<

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วันก่อนเพื่อนเปิดให้ดู ชอบไอเดียจัง…

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